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Sharjah Radio to broadcast live quiz


A Pulse 95 presenter.

On the occasion of World Radio Day 2021 (WRD 2021), on Feb.13, the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA) will be celebrating the event’s 10th anniversary and more than 110 years of radio with a special interactive programme across its Arabic and English language stations, highlighting the medium’s vital role in informing, entertaining and connecting people.

On Thursday, Feb.11, Sharjah Radio’s special broadcast was led by Aisha Al Hmoudy and Yousef Abdullah. The discussion focused on radio’s role in an era dominated by social media and advanced technologies. Representatives from several local and regional radio stations joint the discussion.

On Saturday, Feb.13, a live quiz will be broadcast by Sharjah Radio from the Al Majaz Waterfront. Presenter Jamal Al Sumaiti and several reporters will quiz visitors on World Radio Day during an hour and a half broadcast, and winners will walk away with valuable prizes from SBA.

Abeer Al Shawi, Head of Sharjah Radio, said: “World Radio Day is a celebration of a powerful communication platform that continues to grow in both its role and meaning, globally. The rapid development of media technologies has aided this process, and radio is always one of the easiest route to reach the public to break news as it develops.”

Sharjah’s first English language radio station and an SBA subsidiary, Pulse 95 Radio, continued broadcasting its programmes during the pandemic-imposed quarantine phase in the UAE, when the station’s presenters connected with their listeners from their homes. SBA equipped their staff with the necessary tools for it. Pulse 95 Radio also quickly adapted to the unprecedented circumstances created by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and launched a live video streaming service on their YouTube channel to ensure their audience outreach wasn’t affected.

Saif Abdul Rahman, Head of Pulse 95 Radio, said: “A young medium, radio remains essential to our contemporary societies. An understanding, which has further intensified in the past year. Pulse 95 Radio is the go-to station in the UAE for news, entertainment, music, and interactive discussions. We are working dedicatedly to design our future offerings in a way that will continue to fulfil their needs with a selection of programmes on a wide range of topics, so they can appeal to people with different tastes.”

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