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UAE ministry withdraws ‘Eikonha Body Filler’ medicinal product over false details

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Iman Abdullah Al Ali, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Health and Prevention decided to withdraw the medicinal product ‘Eikonha Body Filler 10, 20ml’ on the back of confirmed violations by the manufacturer, who provided false information about where the product was manufactured in violation of the law.


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The product is used for cosmetic purposes and doctors tend to use it when doing plastic surgery by filling specific parts of the body with it.

In a circular forwarded to all health facilities and healthcare practitioners in the private health sector, the ministry stated that it decided to withdraw the product, manufactured by ‘AK Pharma, Inc.’ based on the decision of the pharmaceutical licensing committee. The decision was taken based on violations committed by the company’s warehouse, which included providing incorrect data to the ministry regarding the manufacturing site of the product.

The ministry stated that the product was registered in the Drug Administration. The manufacturer recommended that the product be withdrawn from the public and private health sectors and requested all healthcare practitioners not to prescribe or dispense the aforementioned product, if any.

The ministry also called on all pharmacies to stop dispensing the aforementioned product and return it to the supplier. It emphasised the need to be communicated in the event of any side effects by the product users via the UAE RADR Smart app.

Specialised doctors say the product is used to fill in specific parts of the body for cosmetic purposes, especially the posterior.

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