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All-women gang holds man hostage, robs him of Dhs25,000 in Dubai


Picture used for illustrative purpose only.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


An all-women gang, pretending to manage an online fake massage service lured a man, held him in captivity and robbed him of Dhs25,000 inside a Dubai apartment.

The victim was allegedly held hostage inside the apartment, beaten and stripped naked by the gang in order give up the money he was carrying and his credit card’s password.

After a brief resistance, the victim gave up and handed them Dhs600, which he was carrying with him, and his credit card’s password.

Using the password the gang withdrew Dhs25,000 from his bank account.

Once the defendants got what they wanted, they let the victim go but warned him against contacting police.

However, the victim reported the case to police who carried out their investigations to identify and locate the female gang.

A confidential source revealed to police that the defendants were using the rented apartment as a brothel, and that they regularly change locations to escape arrest.

Surveillance cameras exposed the gang, and two defendants were identified by the victim and placed under arrest on robbery and assault charges.



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