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Research highlights UAE’s positive sentiment


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Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

A UAE-based digital first creative agency Tonic Worldwide and GIPSI have released a report and identified five factors highlighting the positive sentiments of 2021 for UAE. These factors cover economy, healthcare, tourism, women and celebrations. The report highlights how UAE has won hearts and enjoyed positive sentiment not only from Emiratis but also from global audiences.

Dubai became a torch bearer of UAE’s buzzing Travel & Tourism scene in 2020, becoming one of the most preferred travel destinations globally. This led to good performance and created positive sentiment around the UAE’s economy. For women empowerment, the future looks limitless to UAE women, with the government’s continuous support. UAE has led the way in celebrations and kept the festive spirit high throughout 2020. What’s more, there was a noticeable excitement around 2021 Dubai Shopping festival.

GIPSI applied its ‘Deep Listening’ methodology to arrive at unique insights. The data sources are multiple for the ‘Deep Listening’ Method and goes beyond digital conversations and maps the data with interests and searches, coupled with unique HI perspectives giving actionable insights.

Here are the insights from the report: 49% + search trends for “Growth of GDP” in UAE, with consistent positive sentiment for UAE economy vis-a-vis consistent negative sentiment for world economy throughout 2020.

Global conversations on “Government measures” in the UAE harbours 3x more positive sentiment 5x more negative sentiment as compared to USA.

83% increase in “Job opportunities” and related searches, with top Hospitality and Airlines as a result of Hospitality and Airlines companies embarking on hiring sprees.

UAE goes beyond just an Oil-Economy, with 575.6K conversations and 13.8M engagement, including service sector, health, infrastructure, and business. Sustainability first measures creates a positive aura for UAE economy with 24.3K conversations, 222.6K engagement.

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