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VIDEO: Hope Probe will deepen humanity's understanding of planet Mars


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Wired, an American magazine specializing in science and technology, has published a lengthy report about the Hope Probe, which is expected to reach its orbit around Mars next Tuesday.

The report has affirmed that the probe will send valuable information about Mars and an integrated picture of the red planet’s atmosphere, which will deepen humanity's understanding of the water sources on the planet and the possible ways to live on it.

Most importantly, the information that scientists will obtain after the probe’s arrival in the orbit of Mars will help them understand the transformations that are taking place on Earth because there are many similarities between the two planets.

In its report, the magazine cited an exclusive interview with Eng. Omran Sharaf, Project Manager of the Emirates Mars Mission Hope Probe, in which he indicated that the UAE government paid great attention to this project.

The UAE’s investment in this project was not only for financial reasons but for developing young Emirati cadres and giving a historic opportunity to 200 Emirati male and female engineers to build an ambitious project such as the Emirates Mars Exploration Project, which would place the UAE among the 5 countries that sent missions to the Red Planet, Sharaf said.

Probe An expert works on the Hope Probe. File

In his interview, Sharaf expressed his complete confidence that the work carried out by the team had produced an integrated space project and was able to overcome the difficult stages of the mission, reach its orbit and perform its mission.

He pointed out that the Hope Probe will give for the first time an opportunity for scientists and academics around the world to observe the Martian atmosphere round the clock in the various seasons of the year.

The most important role of the project lies in reaching a greater understanding of the challenges facing all mankind such as climate change and others and accessing accurate information and data that will assist in generating new solutions and ways to preserve and protect Earth, he added.

Meanwhile, the members of the Hope Probe team unanimously agreed that the current stage of the probe journey, which took 7 months, is very critical.

They pointed out that although the few remaining days before arrival are decisive but they are quite ready for all consequences.

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