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Dhs5,000 fine, 6-month imprisonment for domestic violence in UAE

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The UAE Public Prosecutor's Office published a statement on social media accounts, explaining the punishment for the acts of domestic violence.

The Public Prosecution clarified that according to Article 9, Clause 1 of the Federal Decree No. 10 of 2019 regarding domestic violence, anyone who commits the act will be slapped with a penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months and a fine not exceeding Dhs5,000 or one of these two penalties.


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In 2019, the UAE launched the Family Protection Policy, which seeks to strengthen social ties in the UAE’s families and communities.

The policy defines family or domestic violence as any abuse, violence or threat committed by a family member against any other family member or individual exceeding his guardianship, jurisdiction, authority or responsibility, resulting in a physical or psychological harm.

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The policy mentions six forms of domestic violence. They are:

Physical abuse

Verbal abuse

Psychological/mental abuse

Sexual abuse

Economic/financial abuse


It also includes any of the acts of domestic violence stipulated in Article 5 without prejudice to any more severe punishment stipulated in another law.

These tweets come within the framework of the Public Prosecution's keenness to enhance a legal culture among all members of society, and raise the level of public awareness of laws.

If you come to know of domestic violence somewhere, or are suffering from domestic violence, report it through one of these channels on the website of the Ministry of Community Development.

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