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VIDEO: Mother shaves her head in solidarity with daughter fighting cancer


Luciana Rebello and her mother share a light moment.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today


In a heartwarming gesture, a mother shaved her head in solidarity with her daughter who is suffering from cancer.


The video, which has gone viral on social media, shows the cancer patient, Luciana Rebello, being helped by her mother in getting rid of her hair.


But in a matter of seconds, the mother puts the electric clippers over her head and brushes it back, leaving her scalp visible.


She does it over and over in solidarity with her daughter.


Luciana, speaking in Portuguese, says, “Mum! Why are you doing that mum?”


Her mother then kisses her head.


The action leaves Luciana in tears.


A Twitter user with the name “@GoodNewsCorres1” wrote, “No One Fights Alone: This mother surprises daughter who has cancer by shaving off her own hair in solidarity.... nothing stronger than a mother’s love…”


Luciano-2Luciana Rebello poses with her mother.


Luciana, 31, who is undergoing treatment, shared a photo with a doctor at a hospital.


She wrote on Facebook, “And today I received this wonderful @ iasminmonteir0 from Empodere Consultoria em RH, who is giving me amazing laser therapy treatment to help me with my treatment


“Gratitude and if you are like me suffering from cancer, other illness or even suffer from low esteem, inflammations, pains... Contact her for more.


“Thank you for everything, kisses…”


In 2018, Luciana discovered that she was having cancer. She said she was very sad.


She told her mother about the disease. Her mother said they would overcome it together.


Luciana has undergone treatments in top institutes in the country.


In the end of 2020, a doctor informed Luciana that her cancer treatment was a palliative one, which means that it has minimum chances of healing.


Luciana has started her sessions of chemotherapy and will undergo 6 sessions every 21 days. She is done with two sessions.


She said, “The treatment is difficult and painful, but never lose faith.”

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