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VIDEO: UAE nurse talks about her first encounter with COVID-19 patients in Umm Al Quwain


Zainab Ahmed Fahim poses for a photograph.

In 2020, many frontline heroes emerged and played key roles in the UAE’s success in overcoming the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, through their sacrifices, to protect the community and ensure its safety.

Speaking about the first days of the pandemic, Fahim explained, "It was natural that I would devote myself to serving patients when the coronavirus outbreak was declared.

I was extremely shocked at the time, as we never encountered a similar situation, and every day we learnt more about this novel disease."

"When Umm Al Qaiwain Hospital notified me about the first suspected coronavirus case, I immediately took the necessary procedures.

I contacted the patient, introduced myself, explained the details of the coronavirus infection to him, and asked him about the symptoms he was suffering from. He told me he had a fever and that he tested positive, so we had to quarantine him. Thank Allah Almighty for his recovery," she added.

Nurse Zainab Ahmed Fahim remembered the moment when she decided to start her professional career in this humanitarian mission.

She also remembered the moment when she was sitting next to her father’s bed in hospital, as well as her admiration for the commitment of nurses to protecting people’s lives, and the respect they received from patients, their families and other medical staff.

"My father told me that angels surround nurses and he wished that one of his daughters would become a nurse. My sisters specialised in commerce and business while I made his dream come true," Fahim said.

The Fakhr Al Watan Office honoured 52-year-old Fahim after a long journey of giving of over three decades as a nurse, as part of its honouring of frontline heroes, in recognition of their distinguished efforts to protect people’s health during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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