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VIDEO: Cat stops child from climbing on balcony railing


A combo image shows the cat clawing the child from climbing the balcony railing.

Gulf Today Report

On a lot of occasions, animals have proven their loyalty and concerns for humans in various unexpected ways.

The cat in the viral baby video is an indication that our animals care about us as much as fellow humans.

The video with an unknown location showed a cat stopping a child from his attempt to climb the railings of a balcony.

Children are susceptible to various accidents at home either due to negligence of caregivers or other things.

Falling off the balcony is one of so many accidents that the Abu Dhabi police has been warning parents about.

The police urged families to reinforce the preventive measures to protect children from falling off buildings or residential apartments and monitor children as they approach windows.

It harmed on the danger of leaving furniture adjacent to windows to avoid being used by children to step on it out of curiosity to look outside the windows, which may lead to tragic falls.   

It explained that with the onset of winter people are opening their windows to enjoy the pleasant weather.

This leads to the child’s curiosity to know what is on other side.

The police stressed the need to establish controls for the use of balconies not only for young people but also for adults as well.

The police have called for the necessity of installing metal bars on the windows, which will protect children from falling, and also urged that the mechanism should be simple so, in case of a fire, it can be open for escaping.

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