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VIDEO: Feel thrill of feeding lions at Al Ain Zoo


Visitors enjoy the company of lions in the presence of a team of Emirati guides.

Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

Al Ain Zoo is introducing a unique adventure with the King of Beasts, starting from Friday, offering guests the opportunity to feed the lions as part of its Safari experience. Unlike similar experiences, this Safari allows the lions to roam freely, while visitors watch from the safety of their protected vehicle.

“Visitors are used to seeing lions and feeding them while in their exhibits, but roles will be reversed this time, in a challenging adventure,” said Omar Al Ameri, Director of Operations at Al Ain Zoo. “Visitors will enter the enclosures, in a vehicle, maintaining the highest safety and security standards, while the lions are roaming around the enclosure and watching visitors as they hand them their favourite meat cuts.”

Explaining the experience details, Al Ameri added, “Visitors will be accompanied in this thrilling tour by a team of highly skilled Emirati guides aboard a purpose-designed Safari vehicle. A maximum of four persons can experience this adventure at a time, as they remain in the vehicle’s protected cage overlooking the great dynamic views of the Safari.”

Once the vehicle settles in its spot, lions begin to explore the area and approach the vehicle, with visitors enjoying this unique and rare encounter while watching from their cage in an unforgettable adventure. Visitors will be able to feed the King of Beasts, using tongs, and see up close, the lions devour their fresh meals.

The new daring experience offers utmost security and safety to visitors, the whole adventure takes place within the safety of the vehicle’s enclosures. Doors are checked and secured before the tour begins, and the Emirati, highly skilled guide, supervises all phases of the adventure providing participants with instructions as he always accompanies them to observe the lions’ reactions and behaviour.

This unique experience differs from similar types in other international zoos by allowing the visitors to directly feed the lions, face to face, while in the safety of a vehicle.

Al Ain Zoo’s Lion Safari Feeding Adventure promises a thrilling experience from the very beginning with the guide telling exciting stories about the wonders of wildlife, providing amazing panoramic views of the safari and a close-up feeding encounter with these true King of all Beasts.

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