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Asian robbed of Dhs1,100, credit cards at knifepoint in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


An African man along with three other runaway accomplices was prosecuted for committing robbery and assaulting an Asian man in Dubai.

The incident dates back to last October, when the Asian victim filed a police report claiming he was robbed by a gang who approached him to ask an address.

The victim mentioned that he was parking near a hotel when the defendants approached him and forced themselves inside his vehicle then put a knife to his face.


Defendants forced victim to handover his wallet containing Dhs1,100 and credit cards to them.

The victim attempted to scream for help, but the defendant holding a knife stabbed him, grabbed the wallet and fled along with his accomplices.

The defendants also tried to steal the victim’s phone, but failed as he began to scream and put up a fight against them.

Luckily, a witness saw the robbery incident from the hotel’s balcony and tried to help the victim by loudly screaming to grab people’s attention and save the victim from the ongoing assault.

The victim was taken to the hospital and a robbery report was filed against the defendants.

Police successfully identified one of the defendants and he was placed under arrest.


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