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This rare white kangaroo will melt your heart

White Kangaroo

Joey meeting Dad, Boomer the Kangaroo.

Gulf Today Report 

A kangaroo in the Animal Adventure Park in New York gave birth to joey, an all-white fur, according to the zoo’s social media.

The white Joey was born to a red kangaroo. Red kangaroos are born the size of your thumbnail, and do much of their development in mom's pouch, outside of the womb. 

White Kangaroo 1

This is not your standard red kangaroo!

At the age of approximately 4-5 months, we do our first full "pull", removing the baby from mom's pouch for a full inspection and medical review, and then return the joey to mom's pouch for her to raise. 

Today's inspection revealed an extremely rare kangaroo, what we are currently considering, Leucistic male joey. 


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Leucistic is the lack of colour pigmentation, resulting in a white coat. What makes him leucistic and not albino? There is black colour pigmentation in the eyes, therefore not your normally anticipated red-eyed albino mutation.

The United States is not known for any leucistic red kangaroo.



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