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Pakistani expat in Dubai borrows money to buy luck


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Five lucky individuals have been added to the long list of dollar millionaire and luxury vehicle winners when Dubai Duty Free conducted the latest draw for Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire: and Finest Surprise promotion on Jan.20, at Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport.

Amit S., a 46-year-old Indian national based in Bangalore, became a US$1million dollar winner when his ticket number 0518 in Millennium Millionaire Series 348, which he purchased online on Dec.18, 2020, was drawn on Wednesday.

A participant in Dubai Duty Free’s promotion since 2016, S took advantage of the 25 per cent discount during the Dubai Duty Free 37th anniversary celebrations in December and purchased ten tickets for Series 348.

He is a businessman who runs a computer shop and is involved in equity trading

When asked on his initial plans with his win, he said, “I will pay off my debts and invest more into equity trading. I would also like to set up an NGO to hopefully help as many people that I can,” he added.

Joining S. in the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire’s circle is Varun Boosnur, a 34-year-old Indian national based in Seattle, California who was also announced as the winner of $1million in Millennium Millionaire Series 349 with ticket number 1720, which he bought online on Jan.1, 2021.

Boosnur, who moved to the US in 2011, has been participating in Dubai Duty Free’s promotion for a year and a half already. Originally hailing from Davanagere in India, Boosnur is the father of one and works as a program manager for Microsoft.

“I’m very thankful to Dubai Duty Free, you really made my day! This win keeps the hope alive especially during this difficult time,” he said.

Sharing his initial plans, he added, “I would love to help some poor kids who don’t have access to education, buy a new house and invest in a business.”

Following the Millennium Millionaire draw, the Finest Surprise draw was conducted for one luxury car and two motorbikes.

Zaheer Abbas, a 36-year-old Pakistani national based in Dubai, won an Aprilia Tuono Factory (Nero Opaca) motorbike, with ticket number 0554 in Finest Surprise Series 440, which he purchased online on Jan.15.

A resident of Dubai for 14 years now, Abbas, who happened to watch the live draw on Dubai Duty Free’s Facebook page, was excited to hear his name announced on the video.

Abbas is a father of two and an owner of Al Masoom Technical Services in Dubai.

He has been struggling a lot due to the pandemic and even had to borrow money to buy the ticket for Series 440.

“Thank you Dubai Duty Free for this very timely win. The money that I can get if I sell this motorbike will go a long way,” he said.

Three-year-old Zaya Sheikh, an American national based in Dubai, won a Mercedes Benz GLS 580 4M (Selenite Grey) car when her ticket was drawn. The winning ticket number 1109 in Finest Surprise Series 1766 was purchased on Jan.8 by her mother, Anika Jahan-Chowdhury, on her way to Bangladesh for a business trip.

A resident of Dubai for 3 years now and a regular participant in Dubai Duty Free’s Finest Surprise promotion, this was the first time the mother bought a ticket under her daughter’s name.

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