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Asian jailed, fined Dhs31,000 for robbing Dubai visitors


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian man to one year imprisonment and fined Dhs31,000 for robbing three visitors of Dhs40,000.


The imprisonment will be followed by deportation.

The incident dates back to last October, when the three victims had filed a robbery report, stating that they were brutally assaulted and forced to commit indecent acts by the defendant and his runaway accomplices.

One of the victims’ testimony revealed that they were intercepted by the apprehended defendant after they came out of an exchange company to ask about a meat shop.

The defendant tried to manipulate his way into their conversation, and convinced them that he will take them to a nearby meat shop that offers good prices.

The victims followed him to an old house, and once they entered, they were suddenly attacked by almost 10 accomplices who assaulted and robbed them of Dhs40,000 and other currency amounts.

After the victims took a good beating, the defendant asked his accomplices to stop, then asked females existing in the house to commit immoral acts with the victims.

The victims were filmed naked and threatened with the video so that they don’t file a police report.

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