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UAE extends distance learning for another 2 weeks, urges schools' staff to get vaccinated


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The UAE Ministry of Education has announced that it would extend the distance-learning programme for another 2 weeks in light of the COVID-19 developments in the country.


Hazza Al Mansouri, Official speaker for Ministry of Education said, “Since the beginning of the second semester, we believed it would be better to resort to distance learning for 2 weeks in response to health developments and to take time before make any educational decisions in the best interests of students.”


Al Mansouri said, “Alongside highly skilled teaching staff prepared to deal with the educational challenges based on new circumstances, and students and parents who showed great cooperation and understanding of the current reality.


The ministry said, “We encourage the education personnel to expedite to get the vaccinations provided by the authorities in the country in order to prevent and protect their children, families and society, and to accelerate the recovery phase.”




“Our students and teaching staff are participating without obstacles in the educational system. As time goes on, our country is becoming more & more unique & successful, with the availability of a highly intelligent educational structure.”


The ministry said, “This period was extended so students can complete their study remotely, after making sure this educational option achieves the desired goal and is in line with the health situation to ensure the highest levels of public safety for our students & teaching staff.


“This is the result of major efforts to establish a smart, effective, and modern learning system.”


Al Mansouri said, “We have high flexibility and great responsiveness in the smooth transition between realistic learning and distance learning or hybrid learning for about 1.2 million students, without disruptions or negatively affecting students.


Al Mansouri said, “The UAE is one of the world's top countries in terms of vaccination against COVID-19. These remarkable efforts are an important step towards national recovery.”




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