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Weather to be partly cloudy and foggy


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Emad Eddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

Fog covered separate areas of the UAE on Thursday morning for eight hours, starting at 1:00am until 9:30am, due to weak surface pressure, accompanied by a high air extension in the upper atmosphere.

Fog began to form at Al Ain Airport, Khalifa College, Al Haffar, Bouhamra and Hamim in Al Dhafra region, while intermittent fog formed in separate areas of Al Ain city.

The lowest temperature, 4.9°C, was recorded 7.30am on Thursday at the Al Jazeera  Border Guards, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

NCM appealed to road users and motorists to take precautions and follow traffic instructions, for public safety, due to fog and low horizontal visibility in some interior areas.

The centre expected that the Friday, Saturday and Sunday weather, will be generally clear, partly cloudy at times, moderate during the day and cold at night, especially in the interior and mountain areas.

It is also expected the weather to be wet during Friday night and Saturday morning, with fog formation and light fog in some inland and coastal areas.

Winds are expected to be northwesterly to westerly, light to moderate, with speeds ranging from 10 to 20, reaching 30 km/hr.

The sea is expected to be light in the Arabian Gulf and in the Sea of Oman.

On the other hand, Abu Dhabi Police activated a system to reduce speeds to 80 km on Abu Dhabi - Al Ain road, for a period of 4 hours, starting from 5:30am until 9:30am.

The police appealed to drivers to adhere to the speed set on the emirate’s roads in times of fog.

They have warned drivers to monitor the weather status before driving, reduce speeds, and leave an adequate safety distance.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), which manages the UAE Research Programme for Rain Enhancement Science (UAEREP), recently unveiled the agenda of the fifth International Rain Enhancement Forum.

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