Brexit takes a toll on Britons' lunch as Dutch customs seizes their sandwiches - GulfToday

Brexit takes a toll on Britons' lunch as Dutch customs seizes their sandwiches


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Britons are slowly realising the fact that they have lost more than they expected to after landmark Brexit deal.

Impact on economy, health and politics was expected but none of the Britons would have even imagined that it will affect their lunch too.

Yes does sound quite hilarious but this is exactly what Britishers entering into Netherlands post Brexit are coming across to.

Ferry passengers have had sandwiches and tinned sardines confiscated by customs officials at Dutch ports, due to strict rules on the import of meat, fruit, vegetables and fish from outside the EU.


Amsterdam-Airport-Schiphol-750 A travellers walks in a deserted Schipol airport in Amsterdam. File/ AFP

"Do you have meat on all the bread?," a Dutch customs officer asks a man who has just arrived in the port of Hook of Holland, as he holds up his foil-wrapped sandwich.

"Yeah? OK, then we take them all, I'm sorry. Welcome to the Brexit, sir."

"If the COVID measures are eased, we will certainly see the number of passengers rise, and that could very well lead to more irritation", customs team leader Rien de Ruijter said.

British citizens and not just their sandwiches have also been denied access to the Netherlands.

Due to the pandemic, all foreigners are advised to refrain from travel to the Netherlands unless absolutely necessary, but those from outside the EU can be denied entry if they don't have an urgent reason to travel.


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