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VIDEO: Kashmir youth delivers baby food on horseback in Srinagar’s freezing winter


A combo image shows Siraz riding the horse and delivering the parcel.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today


With weather playing spoilsport in the Kashmir Valley, life has come quite completely to a standstill.


Goods, fruits and vegetables to say are the first few on the long list of daily activities that have been hit after a heavy snowfall.


To avoid such consequences, and to tackle the mundane life in Srinagar, a youth in the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir decided to take things into his own hands.


Siraz Ahmad didn’t wanted to be sounding like he was complaining about the weather situation.


Siraz, who works as a delivery agent for the global web store Amazon, came up with a very innovative approach to continue with his job’s motto, no matter what the size of the package that needs to be delivered to its destination.


Siraz went out in the freezing temperature and got onto his horse — yes, that’s right a horse — to deliver the parcel.


Video footage of the incident showed Siraz from Alamgari Bazar in Hawal area of downtown Srinagar on horseback galloping towards his destination.


Umar Ganie, a local mediaperson who was associated with the incident told Gulf Today that “Siraz took such effort because several parcels contained baby food items that needed to be delivered.”


Siraz said, “So I thought maybe those who are in desperate need of baby food will get it.”




Umar said, “Actually Srinagar received heavy snowfall for several days, which blocked all roads, lanes and bylanes. Delivering food and other essential items to households became really difficult.”


Umar also said that this shows the talent and hard work of youth in Kashmir despite facing harsh winter conditions.


Amazon reacted to Siraz’s efforts in delivering the parcels.


The webstore tweeted,

Product safety -✔️

Delivery associate - ✔️

But snowfall

Delivery still happens as promised. How?

🐎  #DeliveringSmiles ^GS


The social media has been abuzz with Siraz’s delivery deal.


Ruhale Ahmad said, “This guy needs appreciation. And please advise him not to use phone while riding otherwise local police will issue him a ticket for drunkeness and riding…”


Syed Mushtaq Maqbool said, “Actually innovative, u will see this man everywhere for some time now, very good…”


Visheshwar D. Mathur said, “Very dedicated...Amazon should appreciate the efforts…”


The Kashmir Valley received heavy snowfall in the past few days.


The snow blocked several roads and disrupted the Internet service in some areas.


On Wednesday evening, Srinagar recorded -1°C, Pahalgam -4°C and Gulmarg -9°C.


Kashmiris said that the 40-day long period of harsh winter cold, known as the “Chillai Kalan,” would end on Jan.31.

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