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China to give Myanmar COVID-19 vaccines, says ministry


Myanmar's Army Commander Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. AP

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The Chinese foreign ministry made an announcement on Tuesday that China will be giving Myanmar COVID-19 vaccines.

The ministry said it will give an amount of COVID-19 for free and will continue deliberations on the cooperation of the vaccine.

China’s top agent planned a two-day visit to Myanmar. During the visit, Wang Yi, met the leader of the Myanmar military, commanding general Aung Hlaing, he seeked the support of the military for a China-Myanmar Economic Ingress. 


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The ingress is a web – some is previous and some is planned – of transport and basic structure projects overleaping areas where national minority sectors battle each other and executive forces.

Fighting in northeastern Myanmar sometimes sends refugees escaping over the boundary into China.

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