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Dhs800 fine for making videos while driving in Abu Dhabi


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Due to the current changing weather conditions, the Abu Dhabi Police are urging motorists to abide by traffic safety rules during the seasonal rains period, and not get distracted by taking photos or using phones while driving.

According to Article (32) of UAE traffic rules, motorists will get a fine of Dhs 800 and 4 black points for using phones while being on roads, which could lead to the driver’s distraction and cause traffic accidents.

Police also advised all drivers to adhere to traffic rules and regulations, avoid driving on high speeds, as well as avoid crossing red signals.

Officials added that staying alert while driving, especially during such unpredicted weather conditions, could reduce the occurring of traffic accidents and help maintain the safety of road users across the Emirate.

Additionally, Abu Dhabi Police has recently launched an urgent alert feature via its smartphone application, in order to facilitate services for motorists and warn them about unstable weather conditions of rains and fog, and during traffic congestion.

The applied feature is set to increase and ensure the safety of road users, as well as enable them to pre-plan alternative routes.

Police officials urge motorists to activate notifications of the new ‘urgent alert feature’ in order to make use of the provided services.

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