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VIDEO: Russian farmer kills huge wolf with bare hands


A videograb shows the wolf chasing the dog in Novotroitsk, Russia.

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A Russian farmer fought and killed a huge wolf with his bare hands in Novotroitsk, a small town on the east side of the country. 

A CCTV footage caught the moment the man carrying a torch was attacked and bitten by the beast in Russia.

The video showed the beast attacking a dog. It then trespasses into the barn and killed another dog.

It was planning to attack the horse that’s when the famer holding torchlight got into a scuffle with the wolf.

The farmer choked the wolf to death. During the scrap the wolf bit the man, but that did not let the farmer give up and with all his strength he killed the ferocious animal.

The farmer was seen hitting the animal in the head with his hands.

Local reports confirmed that the farmer did not use any weapon. He did not have time to bring his rifle.

The farmer was afraid that the wolf would attack his livestock after killing two dogs so he took things into his own hands.

According to Daily Mail, the wounded man was being tested for rabies.

Some villagers said wolves’ attacks on dogs and livestock increased dramatically after the destruction of forests in the area.

A villager said: "Humans are responsible. The forest has been destroyed and, so the wolves lost their natural environment and began attacking villages."

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