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Asian manager locked up for handing out forged driving licence to police in Dubai


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

An Asian manager and his visitor accomplice were apprehended and referred to criminal court by the Dubai Public Prosecution, for forging a driving license and illegally using it to drive around Dubai.

Official records indicate that the first defendant, the manager, was the one who forged the driving license by changing the name and picture of the original license, thinking that he could get away with his crime.

The first defendant had kept the forged license inside his vehicle, urging the second defendant to use it when necessary.

Ironically, the second defendant was randomly stopped by police and had let his cat out of the bag when he handed them the forged license, not knowing it will lead to his arrest.

Both the defendants were detained for committing forgery, and had been prosecuted to receive proper punishment for such a crime.

Jail The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Dubai hands out free driving licences

In an overwhelming move, the Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has decided to hand over driving licences for free in the emirate for certain groups of people. The move would help them find jobs and secure the future of their families.

The RTA said on its Twitter, “RTA is continuing its charitable initiative to offer training and learning materials as well as all procedures for obtaining driving licence free of charge for disadvantaged individuals.

“The initiative, which runs in conjunction with the Emirates Driving Institute and Beit Al Khair Society, is part of RTA’s responsibility to various community members. So far, it resulted in the issuance of driving licences to 25 individuals free of charge.”

The noble initiative will bring and bind the society together.

The authorities said all nationalities are included in the initiative with individuals from fixed-income categories.

As soon as the individuals apply for the licences, the fees would be waived.

The package would cover theoretical and practical training in addition to signs, parking, market, and highway tests and up to the final test and the issuance of the driver's licence.

RTA and Beit Al Khair Society will choose the customers for the courses.

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