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Those over 18 must take vaccine shots to stop the spread of COVID-19 in UAE


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The UAE government said it would prioritise the vaccination of young people who are over 18 years.

The authorities made the statement during a media briefing on the coronavirus situation in the country.

“The state has been keen to provide vaccinations to groups of young people and people who are 18 years of age and over, and they contribute more to spreading the disease due to the nature of their lives and the activities they perform. We believe that it is necessary to provide them with the vaccine to limit the increase in cases in the next stage," health official said.

The vaccine is provided in government and private health facilities and vaccination centres and drive-by facilities, an innovative method launched by the UAE to ensure procedures for receiving the vaccine are available to the largest segment of society.

Vaccinations protect children and adults from certain infectious diseases and dangerous complications, thus leading to a healthy society free from diseases and epidemics.

Dubai-crowd People gather in large numbers on the Jumeirah beach in Dubai. File/ AFP

Vaccinations are among the best and most successful medical interventions in preventing infectious diseases.

Vaccinations have contributed to achieving the indicators of preventive national programmes for disease eradication and elimination, based on global strategies and best practices, diseases can be deterred through vaccinations

Taking the vaccine is optional, not compulsory. The number of doses is two, with three to four weeks between doses.

Vaccinated individuals are exempt from home quarantine after completing 28 days from receiving the second dose of the vaccine, it is important to perform all of the required tests for this to happen.

After getting the vaccine, we must continue to follow preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, including wearing masks, physical distancing and washing hands.

Without concerted efforts, community cohesion and commitment to all preventive measures, we would not have reached the stage of planning to recover from COVID-19.

The wheel of life is turning, and the most important thing is that everyone shares the responsibility and fully cooperates.

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