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Austrian woman falls off 650-foot cliff after romantic proposal


A rescue operation in progress in the Falkert mountain in Austria.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

Have you ever fallen in love? We presume you have as everyone does fall once in their lifetime.  

An Austrian couple recently fell in love “together,” literally.

Their romantic adventure literally made them fall off a 650-foot cliff during an intimate proposal moment in Carinthia, Austria.

A 27-year-old man proposed to his 32-year-old girlfriend after trekking up the snow capped Falkert mountain. But unfortunately, just as the woman said yes, she slipped and plunged off the mountain.

The man grabbed her from falling of but lost his footing and both plunged down the cliff.

Alpin-1 Notarzthubschrauber, the search and rescue team in Carinthia, located the couple.

Love-Couple Photo: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels.

Alpin-1 said two hikers from Lower Austria had a serious accident at Falkert in the municipality of Reichenau. They fell 200 metres over rocky and sometimes almost vertical terrain and were seriously injured.

According to local sources the snow prevented the worse.

Witnesses to the accident alerted the rescue teams, the landlord of a Seehütte, mountain cabins in Austria, took the woman in. A doctor first treated her.

The man was rescued from the rock ledge by the Alpin 1 rescue helicopter team using a rope.

According to Daily Mail, the couple was taken to the hospital.

Sources close to the case said that man was diagnosed with a vertebrate fracture.

Authorities said that the couple was extremely lucky to survive crash.  

According to the officials, one of the reasons for the accident was the poor equipment used by the couple. They didn’t wear proper shoes for walking in the snow.

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