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Badiri E-Academy offers free content in seven languages


The Badiri E-Academy aims to target 1,000,000 beneficiaries within the next three years.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

As Sharjah’s free e-learning gateway, Badiri E-Academy, functioning under the aegis of Badiri Education and Development Academy, the education and capacity building arm of the UAE-based NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), has emerged as a key global knowledge sharing partner for both individual and institutional providers of educational content looking to expand their outreach virtually.

Founded on the firm belief that information and knowledge should be accessible to everyone, Badiri E-Academy has offered its platform to various digitised courses and professional learning resources since 2018 in a bid to develop the knowledge and skills of anyone around the globe wishing to enter the labour market as well as professionals seeking ups-killing.

According to Dr Mona Al Ali, Manager, Badiri Education & Development Academy, the institution aspires to become the region’s top content creation platform for all disciplines. “As a reputed open-source e-learning platform, Badiri E-Academy is forging close partnerships with institutions across the UAE and globally to offer quality training content to men and women all over the world to develop their professional and life skills,” she said.

Dr Mona added, “Our vision is to become a key platform for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, working professionals, job seekers, university students, and a host of others across the globe to equip them with the skills and tools to advance their careers.”

DrMonaBadiriDr Mona Al Ali.

Till date, Badiri E-Academy has offered training content to over 8,000 beneficiaries worldwide, vastly improving their personal and professional skill sets through a series of workshops and programmes, and aims to target 1,000,000 beneficiaries within the next three years, noted Dr Al Ali.

The academy will also expand its course offerings in seven languages including Arabic, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Urdu, and French, she added.

Dr Mona emphasised that Badiri E-Academy’s most recent initiative — ‘Become an E-Academy Content Partner’ —opens new opportunities for individuals and entities to share their knowledge and expertise on the academy’s platform and deliver high-quality training content, workshops and quality research in their chosen fields in English and Arabic.

The ‘Become an E-Academy Content Partner’ initiative targets all content creators, be it individuals or institutions. This includes those who have already created digitised educational and vocational training content, and those who have new ideas for innovative content which can be created in partnership with the academy.

The specialised contributions can be on a wide array of topics such as science, theories, safety and public health, personal and professional development, creative industries, culture, women’s studies, business administration, technology, engineering, and mathematics, amongst others.

The initiative offers several benefits to its content partners. They will be duly acknowledged for original content on the academy’s website and smart phone application.

Other services offered by the ‘Become an E-Academy Content Partner’ initiative includes translation of training courses from Arabic into English and vice versa and showcasing the logos of content partners on Badiri Education and Development Academy’s social media platforms. Content partners will also receive certificates of appreciation in recognition of their contribution and participation.

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