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Vaccine effective against the new strain of COVID-19, says UAE


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

UAE government said that the new mutation of the COVID-19 would not affect the effectiveness of the vaccination for coronavirus.

Dr. Omar Abdulrahman Al Hammadi, Official Spokesman of the UAE Government during a media briefing on coronavirus said, “Some mutations in the new Corona virus have helped the emergence of a new strain of the virus capable of spreading faster in some regions of the world, and the topic is still under study by scientists and the competent authorities.”


Dr Al-Hammadi said, “Clinical research has not indicated the ability of new mutations of the virus to thwart the effectiveness of the vaccination response, and researchers have confirmed before the emergence of the new mutation that human immunity is fighting the mutated versions of the original virus more effectively than before."

Dubai-Covid A health worker takes a sample of nasal swab for COVID-19 in Dubai.

Dr Al Hammadi said, “Our health sector is able, thanks to its medical staff, to deal efficiently with any changes that may occur, and to provide the best forms of prevention and health care for citizens and residents.”


Dr Al Hammadi said, “We affirm that all those coming from outside the country must adhere to all precautionary measures, including adherence to home quarantine, and going to the hospital in the event of any symptoms appearing, and those outside the country must take all precautions and adhere to the preventive measures for these countries.”

Lebanon-Covid-19 A health worker makes a heart sign at a hospital.

He also said self-awareness is the most important weapon we have against the epidemic.

Awareness is what drives the individual to hasten to protect himself, his family and protect all those he loves, awareness is what pushes the individual to move away from the sources of infection and not assume that what he will do will not expose him to a virus that cannot be seen with the eye.

The UAE’s health sector has succeeded in containing the crisis since its inception.


Since last March until now, researchers have detected mutations that led to a slight and ineffective change in the virus's genetic structure.

The authorities said, “We stress that all workers at airports must adhere to all precautionary measures and take all precautions when dealing with travellers.

“We also stress those who are outside the country the need to take all precautions and adhere to the procedures of the countries they are in.”

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