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VIDEO: Lioness found in an abandoned house in Makkah


The Lioness is seen resting in the compound.

Gulf Today Report

The security authorities are shocked in Makkah after a lioness was found inside an abandoned house in one of the neighborhood of the holy city.

The authorities said residents complained of a lion’s roar over the past two days.

The security officials in Makkah received information on Wednesday from residents in one of the neighborhoods in Makkah, stating that they heard the sound of a lion's roar, specifically while one of them was returning home one morning.


The security and the competent authorities began to act immediately after receiving the report.

The authorities said a lioness was seen in the compound of an abandoned house in the neighborhood.

A video on social media showed the lioness roaming inside the compound.

According to residents, the lioness has been in the same location for two days.

The security authorities in Makkah and the competent authorities surrounded the site.

The animal was moved to a designated place by authorities.

The law doesn’t allow caging wild animals, and especially not in the middle of residential areas.

The authorities are investigation where the lioness came from.

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