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RAK Police rescue nine stranded Arabs and Asians from mountains


RAK Police pose for a picture with rescued members of the public.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Teams from the Ambulance and Rescue Section of Ras Al Khaimah Police’s Traffic and Patrols Department rescued nine Arabs and Asians who had been stranded in Wadi Naqab in Ras Al Khaimah with the help of the inhabitants of the area.

Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Al Hamidi, Director General of Central Operations, Ras Al Khaimah Police, said a report was received by the police operations room, stating that nine people had been stranded inside Wadi Naqab.

A specialized rescue team headed by Captain Abdullah Jassim Al Zaabi, Acting Head of Ambulance and Rescue Section, was immediately formed and rushed to the placed stated in the report.

The team started searching until midnight without finding the stranded people. The search continued until the early hours of the next morning but to no avail due to the rugged topography of the area.

The team members sought the help of a Wadi Naqab resident to guide them to a shortened way to enter the valley on foot, Al Hamidi added.

After searching for 13 hours, the team members were able to find the stranded people, who were very exhausted as a result of walking long distances for a whole day without food and drink, he said.

The stranded people were offered all forms of logistical support before they were handed over to the national ambulance, where medical examinations were conducted for them to ensure they were safe.

Al Hamidi called on the public to contact and communicate with the police before they begin a trip to valleys and mountainous areas, stressing the necessity to avoid rough areas and the risk of being lost in such areas.

He also thanked and praised a number of Wadi Naqab inhabitants, who played a key positive role in finding the stranded people.

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