Video of a baby elephant playing with a dog blows up the internet - GulfToday

Video of a baby elephant playing with a dog blows up the internet

Elephant Dog

Screenshot from the video of Yindee playing wih Milo.

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A viral Twitter video posted by Indian Forest Services Officer on Thursday showing the friendship between an elephant and a dog has gone viral.

The video affirmed that when it comes to friendship, size is not a top criterion.

In the video, Yindee the baby elephant was seen playing with the dog named Milo at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. 

According to One Green Planet, the video was filmed in 2015 and it was the first time the rescue elephant met a dog.

The video has recorded over 11,000 views with tons of comments.

Elephant Nature Park is in Thailand’s Chiang Mai Province. It serves as a shelter for abused and orphaned elephant.


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Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda shared the video. Nanda is currently stationed in Odisha.

Twitterati were amazed with the video and shared their comments.
A user with the name, “Trump is a thug” said, “Two amazing animals enjoying life.”

Suveer Shrivastava said, “Two best mammals on the planet enjoying and the worst mammals watching on video!!”

Marc Gerstein said, “The dog is playing but the elephant is not! The elephant is annoyed by the dog. Funny. Dog is too quick for the elephant. A dog can change direction much faster. There is no friendship here.”

Manjun Manav said, “The worst creature should know the greatness of being human or simply call it worst mammals those who watch it…”

Michael Caley said, “A miss step by the elephant and the dog will be flat, baby elephant or not…”

Sajeda Akhtar said, “This just made my day! Awesome sir…”





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