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Wearing face masks does not decrease oxygen level in human body

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Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

Wearing a face mask does not cause oxygen depletion in human body, UAE experts said during a media briefing on coronavirus development in the country.

The Health Ministry said, “Wearing a mask for a long time does not cause a decrease in the percentage of oxygen inside the body, nor does it cause a toxic accumulation of carbon dioxide gas as long as the mask is properly used and allows normal breathing.”

A study monitoring oxygen level in the blood of those suffering from respiratory problems, revealed that wearing masks does not affect the levels of oxygen or carbon dioxide during long periods of rest and short walks.

The Ministry said, “We stress that wearing a mask protects those suffering from chronic lung diseases from infections that may impact their respiratory system, and emphasise that no person should wear a mask while suffering from acute shortness of breath for any reason.

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“We note that wearing a mask during exercise, especially high intensity, may affect a person’s ability to breathe normally and may cause difficulty breathing with the accumulation of carbon dioxide gas inside the mask.”

Exercising increases rates of sweating, which makes the mask moist, and humidity may provide a fertile environment for germs to grow.

Authorities said that wearing a mask during high-intensity sports can put physiological pressure on the body, especially for those who suffer from diseases of the heart and lungs, and we recommend that you practise sports in places where there is physical spacing and good ventilation.

Underestimating preventive measures and being lenient is extremely dangerous, so let us support the efforts of our country with our awareness and commitment to preventive measures to curb this epidemic.

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