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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan unfollows everyone from Twitter


Imran Khan.

Jabeen Adil, Gulf Today

Imran Khan is very active on the social networking site Twitter and keeps tweeting about the country's development, his party achievements and also statements about the opposition.


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Imran Khan created his Twitter account in 2010, and continues to follow his first wife Jemima Goldsmith even after their divorce.

On Monday evening, followers noticed that PM Imran Khan was no longer following anyone on Twitter.

Imran tweet 1

Imran Khan used to follow people from different walks of life on the social networking site, but all of a sudden he has 'unfollowed' everyone from his account. The number of his followers is 12 million.

Pakistani Twitterati were quick to notice this and started posting hilarious comments.

One Twitter user said, “No one is special for Khan Sahab anymore, he has unfollowed everyone.”

One user asked, “Bro Imran Khan unfollowed Jamima Khan?"

Regarding Instagram, Imran Khan is following only two people from his official account.

If you look at the accounts of other heads of state, US President Donald Trump has been following 51 individuals, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is following 942 people and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is following 2,346 accounts.

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