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VIDEO: Huge underground flames terrorise residents in Egypt


A combo image shows the flames and smoke billowing from the ground.

Sohaila Ahmed, Gulf Today

A viral video of huge underground flames has terrorised locals of southwestern Egypt, and raised many questions about the reasons behind its occurring.

The bizarre incident was captured on video as blue and red flames blasted from deep underground, causing major concerns about volcanic eruption that might have taken place.

Local authorities rushed to initiate a scientific expedition to study the phenomenon and reveal its secrets.

An expedition team discovered the presence of high-pressured gas emissions from the bottom layer of the ground, which is enriched with flammable organic matter.

Apparently, the organic matter interacted with the sulfur-containing underground water, causing the blazes to come out of ground layers, as Egyptian media revealed.

In a press conference, the Province’s Governor, Muhammad Zamlout, assured locals that the phenomenon is not dangerous by any means, pointing out that there are no volcanic activities in the area.

Moreover, a geology professor at Tanta University revealed that the phenomenon is known as ‘geysers’, which occurs due to underground-water movement.

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