Abu Dhabi’s new Darb tollgate system to be active from Jan.2, violators get fines upto Dhs25,000 - GulfToday

Abu Dhabi’s new Darb tollgate system to be active from Jan.2, violators get fines upto Dhs25,000


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Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), part of Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport, has called upon vehicle owners in Abu Dhabi to register for the ‘Darb’ tollgate system and activate their accounts via https://darb.itc.gov.ae or via the Darb app.

The system will go live from 2 January 2021.


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’Darb’ will be activated during peak times only on 4 bridges leading into Abu Dhabi, from 7-9am, and from 5-7pm. Dhs4 will be charged for each crossing in order to enhance traffic flow, and to encourage use of alternative means of transport, with a daily maximum fee of Dhs16 per vehicle for individual vehicles.

The registration fee per vehicle is Dhs100.

Dhs50 is a registration fee and the credit Dhs50 for passing toll gates will be deposited in the user’s account.


The authorities said when passing through a tollgate, vehicles will be identified by their plate numbers without having to stick a tag on the windshield. The system may take up to 5 hours to process the transactions of vehicles under the gates and incorporate them into the system. The user shall pay the transaction fees referring to the tolling policies.

The toll gates are located on main bridges leading to Abu Dhabi city which are Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bridge, Al Maqtaa Bridge, and Mussafah Bridge.

The toll fees will be collected from the users depends on the roles and regulations.

For vehicles registered out of Abu Dhabi emirate, the toll fees will be collected automatically from the financial wallet of the user for every pass, while for Abu Dhabi vehicles, the user has the option to enable/disable the auto-payment feature for his wallet for each of his vehicles.

There are certain exemptions from the toll gates.


The exempted categories are as the following:

    Senior Citizens.

    People of Determination.

    Pensioner Citizens.

    Low Income Citizens.

This can only be expedited when the user is registered in the system.

There are four types of tollgate violations.

Passing through a toll gate without registering the vehicle in the system after the deadline of registration incurs a fine of Dhs 100 for the first day, Dhs 200 for the second day, and Dhs 400 for the third day and so on, up to a maximum of Dhs 25,000.

Passing through a tollgate without sufficient balance in the user wallet for vehicles registered outside of Abu Dhabi Emirate will incur a fine of Dhs 50 per day.

Tampering with the licence plate of the vehicle for the purpose of evading payment of the toll fee incurs a fine of Dhs 10,000.

Tampering with any of the electronic payment devices or the toll gate system incurs a fine of Dhs10,000.


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