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Tiny insects occupy Umbrella Pines in Rome

Umberalla Pine

Pine trees by the Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo) ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium. AFP

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Umbrella Pines, iconic landscapes of Rome are facing invasion from tiny insect-the pine tortoise scale, a threat to the majestic icon.

"If we do nothing, the pines of Rome will be destroyed by the thousands," said agronomist Franco Milito.

The agronomist estimated about 60,000 invaders on such trees in the city’s public areas. The private land on the other hand has about 30,000. 


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The trees make up the view of Rome, it is important to take care of them,” he added.

According to experts, the insects have the power to destroy weak trees within two to three years.

The insects originate from North America. Its Latin name is Toumeyella parvicornis. It is three millimetres long and has a reddish-brown oval shell like a tortoise.


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