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VIDEO: Uruguay cop shoots robbers while enjoying ice cream with son


A screengrab taken from the video.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

A bizarre incident was witnessed at a famous ice cream shop in Uruguay, when two burglars were stopped by a courageous off-duty police officer after they attempted to rob the shop in Montevideo.

The undercover officer was with his son having ice cream when the robbers walked towards them.

The officer grew suspicious and got his gun out. Before the robbers could shoot, the officer opened fire, prompting the robbers to flee the scene.

The ice cool officer chased the robbers with the ice cream on his hand, without dropping it.  

Shooting-Uruguay The police officer shoots at a robber.

Local media reported that a young man was found near the scene with gunshot wounds to his chest. Police believe the man is one of the suspects in the rampage as he has a criminal record. He was rushed to the hospital. The officer arrested the other suspect.

While the officer ran after the robbers and arrested them, his son continued to enjoy his ice cream without worrying about his father.

Uruguay-Chase The police officer chase the robbers.

The brave cop has been hailed as a hero for controlling the situation and chasing away the would-be robbers.

Local media said a motorcycle had been found near the scene of the incident, and was believed to have been used by the robbers. 

Uruguay-Cream A combo image shows the son enjoying his ice cream.

Some social media users have called him the robocop and supercop. Netizens have also found the other part of the video interesting.

Some called the cop’s son as super cool. He seems to be completely unaffected by the shooting and continue to enjoy the ice cream.

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