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Residents praise UAE spirit, feel honoured to be a part of it


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Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

It is said that Divine Providence puts us where we are for a reason and a purpose.

This 2 December, as we jubilantly congratulate the United Arab Emirates and the Emiratis for their 49th National Day, let us all jointly, warmly express Shukran Jazeelan!

Dr. Chuloh Jung-Ajman University Innovation Center director/College of Architecture-Art and Design associate professor, South Korean: “UAE gave me the fair opportunity to be successful in my academic career which I couldn’t have even with two Harvard University degrees in South Korea.”

Alvin Litonjua-Crossroads Church of Dubai pastor, Filipino: “I am grateful that the UAE has welcomed the beauty of diversity. It is well-adorned by the diversity of community, culture, custom, cuisine and conviction.”

Egbo Samuel Ozoemenam, house electrician, Nigerian: “I am thankful for the overall quality of good governance, social amenities, commitment to safety and good load network.”

Sebastian Fernandes, Quality Management consultant/technical expert in Nondestructive Testing, Welding and Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Indian: “I thank the UAE for the excellent roads. I have been to 43 countries and state with certainty that roads in the UAE are better than most of Europe and USA!”

Juha Koski-Itcher co-founder, Finnish: “UAE embraces its newcomers with friendliness, hospitality and a sense of service. The public areas are safe for which all residents and visitors must be grateful. The leaders’ ability to make fast and effective decisions in challenging times (COVID-19) has impressed me – all to the benefit of everyone living here.”

Susan Villanueva de Guzman-Web/Graphic designer/muralist/Online Learning specialist/educator, Filipino: “I am thankful for the privilege to educate young nationals for 20 long years. I developed friendship, understanding of culture, heritage and religion. I was privileged to raise my children in this safe country and most of all this has been my second home for the last 27 years. Shukran UAE!”

Fajar Maulana Fikri, The Espresso Lab coffee trainer and quality controller from Indonesia: “Peace begins with tolerance and respect from everyone which we live by in the UAE. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live peacefully in this amazing country.”

Soni Ali Wanyali-housewife, Thai: “The government and the people make me feel so much blessed; no different and welcomed.”

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Prime Healthcare Group managing director, Indian: “Happiness and pride as a resident of this beautiful country have multiplied a billion times more. Thanks to the UAE and its wonderful rulers for extending care and support to all people in the UAE during this pandemic.”

Ghada Sawalmah, Gargash Hospital chief executive officer, Emirati: “I thank the Visionary Leaders of the UAE for empowering women to aim high, dream big and providing them all support to achieve their dreams.”

Elena Gramatica,Twister Communications Middle East managing partner, Italian: “I am grateful to the UAE for allowing me to establish my own business seven years ago in a country full of energy and opportunities, while raising my kids to become citizens of the world.”

Lyle Ham, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for Cultural Understanding-IT and Creative Department head: “This is my 14th year to celebrate the country’s Union. The UAE has shown resilience in whatever challenges the world faces, always united towards a common goal which benefit all us expatriates. I have met different people from around the world especially at my workplace and learnt their cultures. The UAE and Emiratis have embraced us. This is my second home, a safe place to live in.”

Wijanananko-export manager,Indonesian: “Wishing the UAE will be more developed and successful in all aspects; safe and peaceful all the time.”

Kwan Seok Lee, Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (Middle East and North Africa regional director/Expo2020Dubai Korean Pavilion deputy commissioner general, Korean: “Thank you for being our true friend for 40 years. I hope we can strengthen our relationships for our better mutual prosperity and success in the future.”

Kirdjakree Haemapun, Culex Hospitality Group business owner, Thai: “The UAE is our home for the last 20 years. It offers the best environment for businesses and families. Thank you UAE!”

Winnie Orines-Office administration executive, Filipino: “Everything in the UAE is beyond imagination. No long lines. No hassles. Everything you can do without much effort.”

Muhammad Ruslailang, senior engineer, Indonesian: “I am grateful that I am a UAE resident. Their people are lovable and charming. I felt like home as soon as I arrived here in 2011.”


Fireworks light the sky over Al Ain and Abu Dhabi on the occasion of 49th UAE National Day

Pakistan Consul General extends National Day greetings to UAE

Tanapond Soranant-housewife, Thai: “I am thankful for my husband and my friends who became family. I am grateful for the sense of security.”

Mohamed Ali Al Omari, Anglo Arabian Healthcare chief operating officer, Emirati: “I would like to extend my congratulations to all our leaders of the United Arab Emirates. Our country has made great progress and is now competitive in the global stage as one of the most advanced and developed societies in the world. Thank you so much.”

This year’s celebrations were designed to bring together the emirate’s community with a strong message of hope.

Christian Lumbera-office staff, Filipino: “It is my first year in this country I am comfortable with because it is safe, organised and makes me feel at home.”

Nash Mawardi-general manager, Indonesian: “I am thankful for the peaceful environment where I can raise my family happily.”

Wilson Orines-Events/Lighting staff, Filipino: “There are a lot to be amazed in the UAE like its safety and the authorities’ governance. I misplaced my mobile phone twice at a volleyball court. It was returned. I have gained so many friends of various nationalities in the past two years. We prefer to stay here because it is safe, progressive and organised, with a multitude of opportunities.”

Dr. Raja Sekhar Gujju, Anglo Arabian Healthcare chief executive officer, Indian: “My sincerest gratitude to this great country for providing a fantastic environment for professionals to thrive. The leaders’ impetus on diversity, tolerance and innovation makes the UAE a country of choice for people all over the world.”

Ira Menichini-Indonesian qualified advocate: “Only in the UAE, all praise to the UAE leaders; you can work and live with people from all over the world without even thinking about it. I wish the UAE long life and prosperity.”

Porsha Kulthanan-housewife, Thai: “I am thankful for the opportunity to work for the Emirates. I and the UAE share the same birthday, Dec.2.”

Suwaporn Srimala, Thai, Rose Massage Centre owner: “It is wonderful to see the UAE citizens, expats and visitors celebrating the occasion happily.”

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