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Kids, pregnant women won’t be given vaccine initially, says UAE


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE has launched the "Hope Coalition" initiative to facilitate the distribution of 6 billion doses around the world, increasing this capacity to 18 billion by the end of 2021, as the leadership demonstrates the importance of taking responsibility globally.

Dr Omar Al Hammadi, the official spokesperson for the UAE Government said, “The vaccine is currently given to our first line defenders because they are more vulnerable to infection than others, and to the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

“The vaccine will not be given to children or pregnant women until safety is assured, after that the scope of vaccinations will be expanded to include other groups.”

Wearing masks and social distancing are still very important in reducing the spread of COVID-19, and vaccination is the weapon that will fight the virus when it enters the body.


Hammadi said, “Continuing precautionary measures in conjunction with vaccination campaigns is very important in order to limit the pandemic and for the success of the containment process.”

For society and the world, the desired benefits of vaccination are far-reaching as it is hoped that the spread of the virus will gradually decrease during the coming months and years until reaching the goal of comprehensive prevention.

There are many factors required to achieve herd immunity, which is immunity in a proportion of the population against the virus. This means that whenever the disease appears, it will find an immune system ready to face it and so it will recede.

The authorities said, “Our UAE National Day is a happy and dear occasion for all of us. We are all looking forward to it eagerly. We will celebrate this year in exceptional circumstances and in a way that guarantees the safety of all members of society, from young to old.

“We call upon all citizens and residents to adhere to all precautionary measures as we do not want our National Day to be marred by violations and laxity in prevention, the results of which lead to dire consequences.

We believe in people’s awareness and belief in the importance of adhering to safety procedures during and after the celebration, even if the risk of infection is small.

Hammadi said, “Let us make this occasion a beautiful memory so that we may enter the next year and put the burdens of the pandemic behind us.”

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