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Asian jailed for stabbing roommate to death in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


A 24-year-old Asian was arrested and prosecuted by the Dubai Public Prosecution for stabbing his roommate to death after a fierce quarrel.


Official records indicate that it all began with an argument between the two roommates, which later turned into a physical fight.


During the fight, the reasons for which remains unclear,  the defendant grabbed a knife in an attempt to scare the victim.


The defendant claimed that he didn’t intend to stab the victim to death.

Dubai-Police A view of the Dubai Police Headquarters.

Investigations revealed that the victim after being stabbed called a friend to get him out of the residence.

He succumbed to his injuries the next day.


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Police have urged members of the society to settle disputes amicably, and not to resort to criminal ways.

Recent, a 21-year-old Asian garage worker was arrested and referred to criminal court for the premeditated murder of his European employer in Dubai.

Official records indicate that the workshop’s workers found the European owner stabbed to death inside his office and immediately called police.

Dubai A bird’s eye view of Dubai skyline. 

Suspicions fell on the defendant as he was the only one who had a huge argument with the owner regarding his leave.

Apparently, the defendant had been fighting with the victim as he wanted to travel to his home country and the victim refused his request.

The victim furiously fired the defendant after several arguments between them, and the angry victim decided to take revenge.

The angry defendant headed back to garage and began to assault the victim; he used a hammer and a knife to repeatedly stab the victim in the head, neck, and stomach.

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