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VIDEO: Man knocked down by car while crossing road from non-designated area in Abu Dhabi


A man crosses the road from a non-designated area in Abu Dhabi.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Police have shared a video of the dangerous consequences of jaywalking.

The video shows a person running across a busy road in Abu Dhabi. The man crosses the first street, he then tries to cross the second street but is knocked down by a speeding car.  

The police have been sharing accident videos to educate the members of the public on the dire consequences of such wrong practices.

The police sought the public’s comments on the video.

A recent initiative launched by Abu Dhabi Police revealed that 86% of the public support the publication of real videos of traffic accidents.

Part of the initiative included a poll of about 6,500 participants via social media. The participants agreed that the publication of the videos was an effective method to reduce road accidents and enhance the safety of road users.

The Abu Dhabi Police also warned drivers about the risks of running a red light when not paying attention and called it a dangerous violation.

The police cited three reasons for running a red light, which are speeding at intersections, not paying attention and using mobile phones while driving. It urged drivers to be aware of the dangers to their lives and the lives of other drivers.

Last year, Abu Dhabi Police fined 48,000 pedestrians for crossing the road from non-designated areas.

The police have urged pedestrians to adhere to safe crossing, and to use footbridges and subways. They have also been asked to abide by pedestrian traffic lights at intersections.

The police have also urged motorists to pay attention to pedestrian crossings and to slow down before crossing lines.

The police have stressed that the safety of pedestrians is a shared responsibility between pedestrians and the drivers.  

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