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Ajman Police repatriate woman who entered the country by mistake

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The woman thanked the Ajman Police for their efforts.

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The Ajman Police have repatriated an elderly Arab woman, 68, to her family in homeland, after she entered the country by mistake. She intended to visit her expatriate son, who lives in another country.

The police said that a swindler in her country completed travel procedures for her to the UAE instead of a neighbouring Arab country, where her son is working.

Lieutenant Colonel Yahya Khalaf Al Matroushi, Head of Al Hamidiyah Comprehensive Police Station, stated that the woman came to the station complaining of her loss in the country after her failure to reach her expatriate son.


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She was warmly received, and a suitable accommodation and her needs were provided for her until her complaint was resolved, Al Matroushi added.

After communicating with one of her sons in her country, it became clear that the woman intended to travel to visit her son in a neighbouring country. She contacted a tourism office and asked them to obtain a visa and a travel ticket.

The office completed the procedures and she travelled, but to a different destination: UAE. At the airport, she tried to call her son, but failed. She was then shocked when knew that she came to another country, so she went to the police station to help reach her destination, he added.

The officials at the police station immediately proceeded with completing the repatriation procedures for her, providing all her needs, housing and food for four days until the completion of the travel procedures. She was transported to the airport, while the police team continued coordination and communication with her son to ensure that she arrived safely.

For her part, the woman and her family expressed their sincere thanks and gratitude to the Ajman Police for the distinguished interest and cooperation they showed in dealing with her, appreciating the efforts they made and their tireless follow-up until she reached her family safely. They wished Ajman Police more distinction in enhancing security and community service.

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