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VIDEO: 74-year-old Florida man fights off alligator to save a puppy


A videograb of the incident shows Richard Wilbanks rescuing the puppy.

Gulf Today Report


A brave Florida man has been hailed a hero after fighting with an alligator to rescue a puppy from its jaws in Lake Fort Myers.


The news was published on local media in Florida.


Richard Wilbanks, 74, intervened to save the small puppy, who was less than three months old, when an alligator pulled him into the lake.


Wilbanks described the situation as surprising.

The alligator came out of the water and grabbed the puppy at a rocketing speed.


Media stated that Wilbanks' reaction was swift. He jumped on the alligator and forced it to free the puppy.


"Opening the alligator's jaws was very difficult," he added.


Wilbanks received a tetanus vaccine for his hands being injured in the ordeal. The dog is in good health after being examined by veterinarians.


Wilbanks said alligators are part of the ecosystem, and I am not a supporter of any change that might negatively affect it.


But I will jump in to save a living being safe it from the predators.


Last week, a huge alligator was found ambling along a golf course during Storm Eta in Florida, according to a report.


The reptile spotted during the storm was huge, almost akin to a prehistoric dinosaur.


Filmed from a moving vehicle, the video shows the gator walking as gale winds blew and rain fell during Storm Eta.


Tyler Stoltin, first assistant golf professional at the Valencia Golf and Country Club, recorded the animal making its way across the greens.


He said, "It was pretty big, biggest one I've ever seen!"


The club shared the clip on Facebook, where it has gone viral.

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