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VIDEO: ‘Uncomfortable’ white passenger asks airline to remove a hijabi Muslim woman

Woman Islam.

Screenshot from the video Amani shared.

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A Muslim woman was asked to leave a plane after another passenger on the flight complained that she made him feel uncomfortable.

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founder of a blog called Muslim Girl did a thread on Twitter narrating her experience on American Airlines.  



According to her thread, the “entitled white man” complained to the staff on American Airlines following an argument at the airport security. 


The man jumped the queue, “shoved” his belongings and ran through the security machine before her, she added.  



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No action was taken against him, she added that being a “veiled Muslim woman” she would have faced consequences if she acted in that manner. 


According to American Airlines, the man was not accorded preferential treatment. He is enrolled in the airline PreCheck membership programme. 


It is a programme that gives room for accelerated checking at the airport. 


Al-Khatahtbeh was asked to leave the flight because the man said she made him uncomfortable.


Following her exchange with the manager of American Airlines, Al-Khatahtbeh was made to leave the plane and police arrested her, she said in a 15-minute video on Facebook.

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