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Porsche driver hits SUV, then crashes on top of another car in England


A combo image shows the Porsche driver losing control of his car.

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A Porsche driver slammed into parked vehicles in a bizarre incident in Essex, England on Friday.

The motorist’s attempt to park his brand new vehicle was caught on CCTV footage from the opposite side of the road. 

The video showed the Porsche driver going up a ramp to park his vehicle. The driver stopped midway, trying to navigate his slot.

But suddenly he stepped on the accelerator and hit the parked SUV, losing his way and crashing into the hatchback on the sidewalk.

The loud noise rattled the community.

The sports vehicle sustained serious damage, while the driver escaped with bruises.  

Some residents rushed to the site to help the injured man.

According to The Sun, “The man was driving a Porsche Taycan which can go up to 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds.”

Residents were sympathising with the motorist.

Porsche-1 Porsche rest on top of a car in Essex.

But whatever the reason could be, this could be considered one of the weirdest ‘parking fail’ videos we have come across in recent times.

The Porsche, after hitting the SUV, fell off a wall on onto a hatchback.

The dramatic event reminds us of another horrific car crash.

In February, a drunk woman, Marisela Ovalle’s BMW hurtled through the air after she crashed into a roundabout in Long Beach, California. Her car flew some metres and then crashed onto parked cars.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

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