VIDEO: Excited toddler holding his baby sister for the first time will melt your heart - GulfToday

VIDEO: Excited toddler holding his baby sister for the first time will melt your heart


A combo image shows the toddler holding his baby sister.

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Bonding between siblings is always special. They always have your back when you are in trouble, or get away with naughty stuff.

There is actually no relationship that can perhaps relate to the bonding between siblings.   

Recently, a family had a baby daughter to add to their happiness.

They had a son for quite some time.

When the parents brought the baby girl home, the son was overjoyed to see his little sister.

With a sense of belonging, the boy, who appeared to be 6 years  old, wanted to hold his sister.

A video showed the little boy asking his dad to let him hold the baby is melting down hearts.

The parents decide to let him have the baby only if he settles down in a sofa.

The boy enthusiastically rests himself on the sofa and the parents allowed him hold her sister.

The boy kisses and hugs her heartily.

Netizens on “Pinterest” have heaped praises on the family for the values.  

A user with the name, Pixie said, “At first I thought he wanted to put her in the washing machine 😂🤣😂 seriously though folks this is truly heart melting. He has a beautiful soul. He will protect and love his sister forever. I wish you both a wonderful, happy, healthy life ❤️❤️😘😘”

Kaavya said, “It made me smile sooo much.But just wait until until he grows up and she starts annoying /gets a boyfriend 🤪…”

Another users said, “Sweet family, but i would've enjoyed the video a lot more if i could hear what the hell they were saying. Why is it whenever something touching happens its this same damn song?”

Angela said, “I can see the love between your family. This magical emotion has transferred to your child. He tenderly kissed her and dad chocked up; both of you kissed complementing each other’s love. The way you both reacted when siblings were together is a tender moment.”

 A user with the name Csiner said, “Now that is just too precious... I truly feel sorry for any future boy who tries to date her or god forbid breaks her heart!!!!😄”

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