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‘Become a content partner’ initiative launched to encourage knowledge exchange by global experts


Dr Mona Al Ali, Manager of Badiri Education and Development Academy.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Badiri Education and Development Academy (Badiri), the education and capacity development arm of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), has launched its ‘Become an E-Academy Content Partner’ initiative at a virtual press event on Tuesday.

The initiative, aimed at diversifying and further enriching the fully-sponsored online courses and resources currently available at the Badiri E-Academy, has called on global creators of digitised educational and vocational training content, both individuals and entities, to become a content partner and push forward Badiri’s agenda of empowering anyone and everyone in the world who want to advance their lives and careers by allowing them free access to a unified repository of specialised contributions on a wide array of topics.

Courses, workshop materials, and research papers from contributors in English and Arabic languages, will be published on Badiri Academy’s website as well as their smart mobile application.

The new initiative requires all applicants to show demonstrable expertise in their chosen field of knowledge, have a strong academic background, a passion to advance education, and the ability to deliver their knowledge effectively.

Interested individuals and institutions can submit content for approval and publication in various categories, Business, Culture, Health & Wellness, Theories & Sciences, STEM, Women Studies, Professional & Personal Development Skills, and Creative Industries.

Highlighting the intention that drove the launch of the initiative, Dr. Mona Al Ali, Manager of Badiri Education and Development Academy, said, “The new initiative comes in response to the increasing global demand to acquire skill sets that fulfil the needs of a rapidly changing economy, be it in the job market or in the entrepreneurial sector.”

She added, “By collaborating with us, our partners’ excellence in their respective fields will empower current and future generations with the knowledge and practical capabilities they need to successfully participate in the economy as well as contribute positively to their societies. In doing so, they will be key contributors to Badiri Academy’s mission of making education and learning accessible to maximum number of people worldwide.”

Content partners will receive global exposure as the E-Academy is accessible to everyone across the world. The partner profile or bio will be visible alongside their contributed content with direct links to their website. 

Course materials will be subtitled or translated by Badiri E-Academy from English to Arabic and vice versa. Partners may be mentioned in the press materials featured on the E-Academy’s marketing collaterals and at events. Partner logos or photos may be featured on the academy’s social media channels. The content partner will receive an appreciation certificate for contributing and sharing knowledge.

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