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France hopes to vaccinate its citizens by January

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France is preparing to start a nationwide coronavirus vaccine by January when the vaccine will most likely be approved and made available.

Although the announcement of a 95% effective vaccine has boosted the hope of the world, the French government is concerned that millions of French people might refuse the vaccine.

According to an opinion poll published in September by Ipsos, only 59% of French people are prepared for a vaccination.


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Prime Minister Jean Castex expressed his fear of only a few people getting vaccinated in comparison to the country’s population.

France has budgeted 1.5 billion euros ($1.77 billion) to buy vaccines in 2021.

Since the outbreak of the virus, 54, 493, 680 cases have been reported worldwide. France currently has 33,500 people hospitalized due to the virus and 5,000 of those are in intensive care.

World Health Organization said, 42 “candidate vaccines” are undergoing trials.



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