Asian maid jailed for robbing employer of jewellery items worth Dhs80,000 in Dubai - GulfToday

Dubai maid steals employer's Rolex watch, gold bracelets, necklaces and a diamond ring


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


A 33-year-old Asian maid was arrested and referred to criminal court for robbing her employer’s house of valuable items worth Dhs80,000 in Dubai.


The incident dates back to last August, when the housewife filed a report against the defendant claiming that she stole diamond and gold items from her vehicle after she cleaned it.


The defendant stole a Rolex diamond watch, 5 gold bracelets, 3 gold necklaces and a diamond ring, all estimated to worth Dhs80,000.


After being arrested, the defendant confessed to committing the robbery, and the items were returned back to the owner.


Maid steals gold worth Dhs100,000 from employer


Dubai maid jailed for stealing gold worth over Dhs80,000


Asian maid faces court for stealing Dhs7,000


In September, a 38-year-old Asian maid was arrested and referred to criminal court for robbing several gold items and over Dhs12,000 of different currencies from her employer.


The victim testified that police paid him a visit asking about some gold items that were being sold at a jewellery shop by the defendant.


Apparently, he discovered that the defendant had stolen gold items and cash from his grandmother’s bedroom while working at the house.


The maid had stolen gold necklaces, ring, earrings, and bracelets, besides an amount of Dhs4,000, $2,000, and Rs16,000.


The defendant attempted to sold the items in a jewellery shop and was caught red-handed and immediately apprehended.


She confessed to her crime and now facing robbery charges.

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