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Supporters head to streets as Trump pushes false election claims


Trump listens while delivering an update on the so-called Operation Warp Speed program at the White House. Reuters

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President Donald Trump still did not concede the election as he delivered his first public remarks since his defeat by President-elect Joe Biden and offered a rosy update on the race for a vaccine for the resurgent coronavirus.

Trump’s supporters will take to the streets on Saturday to back his unsubstantiated claims of election fraud as he considered legal challenges to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Anti-Trump-RallyProtesters hold placards during an anti-Trump rally in the aftermath of the election, near the White House.

Public health experts worry that Trump’s refusal to take aggressive action on the pandemic or to coordinate with the Biden team during the final two months of his presidency will only worsen the effects of the virus and hinder the nation’s ability to swiftly distribute a vaccine next year.

Trump has made little headway in the courts with his lawsuits and for the first time on Friday he began to sound doubtful about his prospects, telling reporters “time will tell” who occupies the White House from Jan.20.


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There have been other pro-Trump protests around the country since Biden was projected the winner on Nov.7, but they have been small and unfolded with few incidents.

The pro-Trump demonstrations in Washington and other cities are scheduled to feature a mix of the president’s backers, far-right personalities and members of the Oath Keepers militia and Proud Boys in a public display of support for his effort to stay in power.

Anti-Trump-Rally--1Police officers detain a protester during an anti-Trump rally in Washington.

Organisers have given the rallies various names, including the Million MAGA March, the March for Trump and Stop the Steal. MAGA is an acronym for the Trump campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” Trump has tweeted his support.

Some left-wing groups are planning counter-demonstrations in Washington and other cities.

Biden further solidified his victory on Friday as results from Edison Research showed him winning Georgia, giving him a final tally of 306 Electoral College votes, far more than the 270 needed to be elected president and above Trump’s 232.

The 306 votes was equal to what Trump won in his 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton, which he then called a “landslide.”

Trump briefly appeared close to acknowledging the likelihood he will be leaving the White House in January during remarks at a White House event.

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