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VIDEO: Man shot at in a daring daylight robbery attempt in Pakistan


A videograb of the incident in Rawalpindi.

Adnan Mehmood, Gulf Today


In a bizarre incident, three youth on a motorbike rained bullets on a motorist in broad daylight in Rawalpindi, sending shock waves across the community. 


Eyewitnesses said unknown assailants shot at a young man in a drive-by-shooting incident.


On Nov.7, 2020, around 8:00am residents of Rawalpindi city’s Muhallah Gulshanabad area heard gunshots.


Schoolchildren usually pass through the area around the time.


A witness from the scene informed Gulf Today about the incident.


A gang of 3 boys on a motorbike was following a black Toyota Corolla car.


The youth came in front of the victim’s car to loot his money and mobile phone and were pointing guns at him.


The victim tried to run away but unfortunately he crashed on to a wall and gunmen opened fire at him.


They took his mobile phone and wallet.


The victim is a resident of Rawalpindi. He was driving back home from his friend’s house from Islamabad.


After the gunshots, resident informed the City Police immediately and they arrived at the crime scene to investigate attempted murder and robbery.


The victim was transferred to Civil Hospital in Rawalpindi.


He was shot in the right arm and is still recovering from injuries.


Ganjmandi Police SHO Israr Satti assured the residents that they would catch the culprits involved in the crime.


Satti assured that their top priority is the security of the people.


He also stated that other accomplices of this mobile snatching gang would also be arrested soon.


The police are cracking down on gangs who rob people using guns and knives.

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