Fisherman survives after a live fish was removed from his throat in Egypt - GulfToday

Fisherman survives after a live fish was removed from his throat in Egypt


A videograb shows the fish is being removed from man’s mouth in Beni Suef Governorate.

Mahmoud Ads, Gulf Today

A medical team in the Egypt succeeded in extracting a live fish from the windpipe of a fisherman in an operation that lasted more than 10 minutes at Beni Suef Specialist Hospital.

The 48-year-old fisherman arrived at Beni Suef Specialist Hospital by ambulance in a critical condition, due to the fact that he was unable to breathe. He was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit.

Doctor Michael Ibrahim, deputy department of plastic surgery at Beni Suef Specialist Hospital, and one of the participants in the operation, explained that the doctors conducted an endoscope to check on the patient's windpipe, which was found completely blocked.


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He pointed out that they managed to extract a fish from the patient's throat that was blocking the trachea from the top. It was surprisingly a live fish, the doctor added.

The doctor confirmed that the man's features began to return to normal after the fish was extracted, and he was placed under observation in the intensive care unit.

There were two stories about how the fish entered the patient’s mouth, according to the attending physician. He said the first was that he was holding the fish in his mouth and it slipped into his throat, and the second that he tried to extract it from the net with his mouth so it jumped inside it.

The deputy of plastic surgery at the hospital said that the fisherman recovered greatly, and was placed under observation in the ICU after his health improved, affirming that he would be reassured and leave the hospital in the coming hours.

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